Rest is Dead, Long Live Rest

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2014 is still twitching. If any of us still used checks, we’d be scratching the “4” into a “5.” I have dairy products in my refrigerator that sport ’14 as the year it should have burst into flames, but it’s probably okay. Scrape that part off.

My word of the year for 2014 was REST. I wasn’t a fan when it was presented because it indicated I’d have a trip around the sun devoid of progress. I worried it meant something was looming and I needed to go to bed early, like a child facing a big tomorrow. God’s voluminous sleeves. There is always something up there shaped perfectly to refine, restore, redeem. Eventually, I ran with REST and discovered a deep, rich word… read more

It’s Lovely In Cyrenaica this Time of Year

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My late great-grandmother presented a copy of The Children’s Living Bible to me on Christmas 1979. I don’t especially recall Christmas 1979, so I’m grateful for her handwritten inscription on the title page. I miss her so much. She had beautiful, lilting handwriting that leans forward enough the strokes look like a flock of blue birds about to take flight.

“Read and cherish Romans 10: 8-9” the birds sing… read more